Air is constantly being replenished

THE smug, sanctimonious letter ‘Smokers polluting the town’s sea air’ requires a robust response.

Firstly, someone who sees fit to voice such intolerance must be badly off for something to write about - and really needs to get themselves a life.

Secondly, on the dual promenades between the pier and the lifeboat station, alone, there would be thousands of cubic metres of fresh air - from ground to head level - constantly being stirred and replenished by winds from many quarters.

So to suggest smokers (they’re a dying breed, anyway) could ‘pollute’ this vast volume to a discernible degree, is an insult to the intelligence.

Trouble is, in the frighteningly conditioned climate of modern Britain, the pious tirade of the writer might actually be taken seriously.

That is the real danger and what I find so disturbing in a once free country.

C Morgan

Elms Avenue