Agony of a long journey

This terrible decision about the DGH means that, in future, if you happen to have an accident and are rushed to A&E (they assure us it will still be there) only to find after being X-rayed that you have a broken leg, hip etc., you will presumably then have to suffer the agony of a tortuous journey to Hastings in order to be treated.

If we are to be taken direct to Hastings A&E, however, it rather begs the question, why have an A&E here at all, especially when the removal of this facility was one of the things people have been concerned about?

Furthermore, how are elderly people or the public in general who are without cars supposed to get there for consultations, etc?

Are there buses that go direct to the Conquest? And how about the cost to everybody else at this time of high fuel prices?

And finally, where does this leave this government’s much-vaunted argument about choice, which Jeremy Hunt was going on about recently?

MRS L SIMMONS, Treemaines Road.