Admit it, council made a mistake

THE leader of Seaford Town Council, Ian White’s defence of the 9.5 per cent increase in the town’s council tax (Gazette, March 14) is inaccurate.

The situation is exactly the opposite of the claim made by Mr White with the Seaford Band D figure of £50.82 being the tenth highest in the Lewes district rather than the tenth lowest stated by Mr White.

At Band D, 18 of the 28 town and parish councils’ precept for 2012/13 are below the Seaford Band D figure.

Of the 28 councils, only seven including Seaford increased the tax, while in the others there was no change or a decrease.

Further, if you include Firle, which has increased its precept by 126 per cent, the graph is highly skewed but even then the average increase for the 28 councils is only 6.1 per cent and omitting Firle this falls to an average increase of 1.7 per cent.

So come on Mr White, hands up and admit Seaford Town Council has made a serious error of judgement.

If this was based on a misunderstanding of Seaford’s position in the Lewes district maybe the council could commit to corrective measures being taken next year?


Chyngton Way, Seaford.