Adding diversity to village life

ON READING the comments of Roy. K. Aldridge I became annoyed at the judgemental tone of his letter.

Not only has he got some of his facts wrong (i.e there is only one Indian restaurant ,the other is a takeaway) but what is wrong about adding to the diversity of village life by welcoming different businesses?

I too would like to see butchers, greengrocers and hardware shops again but it’s a sad fact of life that most people today, with or without cars, will shop at their nearest supermarket.

I was happy to see Garuffa Rufa Spa open and was one of the first to have a treatment there.

It was an absolute delightful experience and I came away with satin smooth skin!

Two shops that appear empty are undergoing refurbishment before reopening.

I realise times are hard but I think it’s better to see shops occupied, whatever our views are about the nature of their business, rather than see the sad sight of boarded up establishments as we see in Eastbourne.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the new shop owners and have been impressed by their friendliness, their commitment to making their businesses work and integrating into the village community.

Maybe Roy K. Aldridge could have his feet nibbled it might improve his outlook!

Gina Bowman

Coast Road

Pevensey Bay