Add feral pigeons to feeding ban

I FEAR that despite my love for most wildlife - including foxes- I’m forced to agree with the remarks of Liz Gregory regarding feral foxes, and the urban deprivations of this ‘vermin.’

But while on the subject of creatures ‘feral’, consider feral pigeons - noisome and a blight to peaceful living for many!

To the best of my recollection before I left England in 1965, this flying form of vermin were confined almost entirely to woodland.

So what induced them, during my 15 year absence, to migrate to towns and cities?

Whatever the cause, it’s well known that their multiple droppings have the potential to spread disease, being an especial danger to dogs, and young children, neither being too careful what they touch.

Local byelaws prohibit the feeding of seagulls and quite rightly.

So why haven’t pigeons been included in this sensible prohibition - with fines for feeding?

C Morgan

Elms Avenue