Adapting to modern needs

AS A business owner with Sussex Eyecare in Seaford town centre, after 15 years we are actually busier now than we ever have been (Seaford Gazette, August 17)!

I set up Toytown a couple of years ago, just after Woolworths and a couple of other shops closed, as I was really concerned Seaford would wither if shoppers lost interest and found somewhere else to shop.

Toytown is doing really well, and expanding, but the impetus behind it all was to demonstrate to other traders there is still life in retail, and not everything has been hoovered up by online retailers or the supermarkets.

We have had new shops open - savvy people who can differentiate between “shopping” and “purchasing”.

But I’m afraid some businesses inevitably will die off as owners retire or simply have had enough, and don’t want to move with the times.

The old days of opening a shop, shoving a few bits on the shelves and then counting the money are long gone. Retailing is highly scientific and very tricky, but unfortunately some folk just can’t be bothered to do it properly.

The high street in general is changing, not dying. The nervousness is there, because at the moment no-one is quite sure what direction it will take.

Personally I am bullish about the future, but I am convinced ‘product based’ retailing will be replaced by ‘product & service’ based. Humans have a herd mentality and a basic need to interact with others - providing great opportunities for retailers prepared to interact properly with their customers.!

Daeron McGee

Broad Street, Seaford