Action needed to tackle urban foxes

IT IS high time for the council and the general public to address the growing problems of urban foxes who are causing mayhem all over Eastbourne.

These creatures are definitely not cuddly gentle animals to be fed; tamed or welcomed.

They are disease-ridden, cold- blooded feral killers dealing death to anything they can find.

They are quite fearless appearing in broad daylight on roads, pavements, gardens and near houses.

Traditionally the bane and despair of rural poultry owners killing and laying waste to valuable flocks they have now taken to the urban life where food is plentiful, killing is easy and breeding is unmolested.

Typically they kill for pleasure, not for food, and pets, particularly cats and small dogs are at great risk to their lives.

Only a week ago a friend of mine found the body of her beautiful pedigree cat, a beloved companion of 13 years, in the garden killed by vicious wounds to the throat.

Vets are increasingly concerned by the number of attacks and constantly warning owners of the dangers to their pets.

There are already records of injuries to babies in prams when outside in the garden and of foxes getting into houses.

If that happens it could well mean injuries to children as well as pets.

If you have an infestation of rats or wasps or indeed any pests you can call on the council to deal with it.

It is time for these equally dangerous animals to be dealt with as the vermin they really are.

Liz Gregory

St John’s Road