Act now to make this road safer

HAVING lived in Cavendish Avenue for 36 years with my family, I have watched the degeneration of the road gradually come under the auspices of progress.

I realise this was inevitable, but unfortunately the infra-structure has not kept pace with progress!

It is now one of the major roads into and out of town, with an increase in size of traffic ie. new larger buses, 60’-+ lorries, large and heavy waste carriers, etc.

The road itself is in a terrible state at this corner end where four roads meet.

There are two keep-clear signs in the road which drivers don’t see them until they are on them, as the long straight of the avenue prompts an increase in speed to the corner, which heightens the fact and then this stops anything being able to turn into the one-way system of Dursley Road, which makes chaos occur regularly.

Also four to six vehicles a day come out of the one-way system from Winchcombe Road making it a very dangerous area.

The state of the road, combined with the increase in very heavy and long vehicles has made my house tremble even more, and exaggerated the cracks in my house walls.

I understand this happens in many other houses here also, having talked to people who live here.

I was cutting my hedges on my wall a couple of months ago when a bus mounted the pavement on the corner, just as a gentleman walked round on the pavement - a very near miss which frightened him greatly, me also.

If ever there is a time to put things right in this corner, it is now before a fatal accident occurs. There are plenty of minor mishaps but obviously these are never reported or logged.

The main thing that is required is a crossing here somewhere to stop the young mothers with kids, and old crinklies like me and my wife taking our lives in our hands while trying to cross to get to the shops.


Cavendish Avenue