Accidents just waiting to happen

HEALTH and Safety regulations have been taken to extraordinary lengths as evidenced more recently by restrictions against those wishing to have street parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding and the new rules preventing fairground ‘bumper cars’ from bumping...really!

So why is it our local authority continue to sit on the fence in relation to both Eastbourne residents and visitors who wish to use, in safety, the main promenade from the pier to Holywell?

During the four days of Easter, I, like many, took advantage of the glorious weather for many hours each day and was appalled to witness countless cases of selfish men and women recklessly speeding along on bicycles, skate boards and roller skates, weaving their way between and having little concern for pedestrians, those in wheelchairs or parents pushing prams.

Never once during the four days did I see any EBC official or police officer in sight. The high season has just begun - and accidents are waiting to happen.

It is nonsensical that the EBC ignore this dangerous situation.

Strict regulations should be introduced immediately to control these uncaring daredevils on wheels - or are the EBC waiting until they are sued following a tragic calamity taking place?

Michael Harris

South Cliff, Eastbourne