A triangle of ongoing traffic

I LOOK out directly opposite and see that flat-roofed three-storey blockhouse is nearly completed.

This replaces a beautiful Victorian family house surrounded by a wild garden and trees belonging to the EBC.

Over the years it was unfortunately occupied by tramps and drug addicts (the company who demolished the building found many syringes in the garden).

As I look at a redeeming feature of the new building, namely the large elegant windows, I was horrified (and so were fellow residents) to see they had blocked out the windows with strips of shiny viridian green material giving the whole edifice a garish look.

Not at all in keeping with the overall design. One wonders if this was to block out light or was it a type of graffiti statement.

Anyone living in this building will find themselves living in a triangle of ongoing traffic and on each side a roundabout and a mini roundabout - virtually three rounds of heavy polluting traffic.

Not the recipe for healthy or safe living.

Our local planners did not listen to the residents; it was not a democratic decision for such a large building to oust yet more of Eastbourne’s lungs!

E T Jenks

Bedfordwell Road