A straight choice between maternity and heart care?

‘Can you tell what it is yet?’, as Rolf Harris used to say – and in the case of the DGH the ‘it’ is, of course, the strategy of Darren Grayson and his inner-circle with regard to the future of the hospital.

Having lost the battle over the maternity services to ‘people power’ a while back, the Trust now not only seeks to resurrect this but also to place on the agenda the issue of round-the-clock coronary care.

As some of the letters in last week’s Herald show, this too is a big issue for many of the people of Eastbourne and it really isn’t difficult to see where things are going in the future.

Before long, supporters of the Save The DGH campaign are going to be presented with a choice; either to keep consultant-led maternity services in Eastbourne OR continuous coronary care.

I can see it now – Mr Grayson will say there is no way the Trust can sustain both services at the DGH and people will need to choose, thereby splitting the support straight down demographic lines.

Will we see older residents campaigning against the younger ones who want to keep maternity services or vice-versa?

Divide and rule is a strategy successfully employed by many dictators over the years. It seems to me Mr Grayson and his advisors are adopting this policy by stealth.

Well Mr Grayson, we can see what ‘it’ is – and we don’t like it at all.

C. Jackson

Milton Road