A question of safety

I’ve been unable to get to the library, because of age, arthritis and weather, therefore I don’t know if there have been statements relating to the following.

For many years, the residents in this area have complained to the council and the police about the lorries and vans who park in our road.

We’ve always been told that this is a Conservation Area. So far, the only type of conserving is the distress of the residents who are supposed to tolerate this situation.

In the last three weeks we even have an ice-cream van stuck here. These often dirty vehicles, are outside the homes, who are not connected in any way with them.

I’ve written with a suggestion in the past. Use a space in St John’s Road, not outside any home, let the drivers have a permit to park there. Apart from the distaste of what appears to be a non-concern of the powers-that-be, in what was once an attractive road, there is the question of safety.

MRS P DAWES, South Cliff Avenue.