A monument of pride and beauty

I was disappointed that Beachy Head Lighthouse is considered not worthy of a re-paint of its iconic red and white livery (‘Lighthouse may lose its red and white look’, Herald, August 26).

Thousands of people know it, come to see it and support it indirectly by visiting Eastbourne.

The lighthouse is such a well-known landmark, with its iconic red and white markings. Against the spectacular backdrop of Beachy Head, it is a monument of pride and beauty for Eastbourne, that many people admire from miles around.

The red and white markings are what make it extra special. It will be the beginning of the end for the lighthouse as we know it, if it is not repainted in the red and white that it deserves.

It’s unacceptable to ignore this lovely landmark.

Wendy Coulter

The Piazza, Sovereign Harbour