A letter to the borough council

Letter to Eastbourne Borough Council: I recently picked up a copy of the 54 page 2011 Eastbourne sales brochure. Very impressive and included a two-page spread on Sovereign Harbour, my community.

Opening with – Eastbourne’s Sovereign Harbour is an undiscovered gem filled with waterside enjoyment. It is Northern Europe’s largest complex and boasts four linked harbours etc.

Last week I found a copy of the 12 page Eastbourne Review’ summer review placed on my flats communal post box.

First two pages full of self adulation on receiving a ‘Council of the year award’ followed by a brief list of facilities which will receive financial investment including quite a few green areas and planning for the town centre.

I could not find one reference to Sovereign Harbour, the area’s “undiscovered gem”?

There is also a mention of the “QE II Fields in Trust” challenge to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Community outdoor spaces will be protected in perpetuity.

Seven recreation areas are listed – again not a single reference to Eastbourne’s newest major community, Sovereign Harbour?

Oh, silly me, hardly surprising as this 3,000 residents plus community does not have a single dedicated green recreational area.

I am hearing that there are plans to build a further 149 flats and one house in the harbour complex, a rumour that a road link will connect the north/south harbour areas but nothing about any recreational facilities, both of which have been bones of contention for years? Perhaps, to celebrate our Sovereigns Diamond Jubilee the council could finally commit 100 per cent to a plan for a recreation area within the harbour area; to be named Queen Elizabeth Park – quite fitting wouldn’t you agree?

By starting down a new road, listening and acting on the feedback from the Sovereign Harbour community, maybe, Sovereign Harbour will always be proudly highlighted in any town marketing material becoming just one ‘gem’ of Eastbourne’s many treasures!

Peter Sales

Daytona Quay