A lack of democracy

East Sussex and Eastbourne in particular must take first prize for a complete lack of democracy!

Pay-to-park – the residents didn’t want it; the traders didn’t want it; the business community didn’t want it; even the local authority (EBC) didn’t want it. But, because it’s extra revenue for East Sussex CC, we have it!

In 2007 we bought a business in Eastbourne. That same year we committed more money by expanding that business. The business grew until the pay-to-park came in. Since then our business has stagnated. When I’ve mentioned this to ESCC parking officials, and backed it up with hard evidence, they have dismissed it as simply a sign of the recession.

In the years since the parking scheme was introduced, I’ve watched Eastbourne town centre suffer – trading colleagues close, go bust, or prepare for exit. When we came here, Eastbourne was a thriving, living, breathing shopping centre. Now it is seriously ill and the few spots that are holding on (those outside the pay-to-park zones), ESCC wants to kill off also. What is it with ESCC, will they only be satisfied when Eastbourne is completely dead, just a dormitory town with no shops and little business?

BRIAN LAWRENCE, Felix and Scarletts Dancewear, Cavendish Place.