A great start for the new market

Brilliant. The new Wednesday morning market looks 21st century. It looks modern, now and appealing.

The unity of canopies is spot on. The produce especially the bread stall looks fresh, clean and enticing

A few more fresh vegetable stalls might be good especially from local farmers. But so far a first rate start.

At last Eastbourne, or more exactly Terminus Road emerges surreptitiously into the 21st century.

Now to get rid of all those 1950s passed their sell by date shops. Spruce up the cafes (Patisserie Valerie style).

Have the market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; this should win more top quality stall holders.

But a brilliant start. Well done Eastbourne. We knew you could do it.

Malcolm Rasala, Harbour Quay.