A bit unfair to reproach church

I FEEL it’s a bit unfair to reproach the church for letting a woman kip on its doorstep.

The modern parish covers an area, so it’s a case for compassion, whether it’s an optician’s doorway or a mock gothic church door.

Where I live, I built a door to secure a coal hole under the front door steps, to prevent cats fouling it and relieve the fear of somebody sleeping there, which wasn’t nice for the neighbours in the basement flat.

We need reminding, the Duke of Devonshire required grand church buildings in the town and the idea of winter shelters goes against the idea of Eastbourne as a pleasant town to holiday in.

We have vagrancy laws, a social security system, and charities for homelessness, so there is no need to feel ashamed of moving beggars on, nor be deceived by the clever few who appeal to sentiment and take advantage of charitable feelings.

Andrew Somerville

Upperton Gardens