A better system for power?

Further to the letter from Philip and Sylvia Hague concerning wind generators, with which I am in complete agreement, have they, or anyone else for that matter, ever read anything about LFTR or to give the full title, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor?

I must admit that until a few weeks ago I had never even heard of it, much less knew about it, yet it has been discussed and I believe in being, for many years.

I would recommend that anyone and everyone even slightly interested in the future of the planet, just type the letters LFTR into their computer, hit the search button and be prepared to be dumbfounded that this system of power generation is not being advocated by every thinking person on the planet.

I can only suppose that it has been suppressed by the nuclear power industry.

I will not comment further but I would honestly urge everyone to just type in those four letters, read the information and draw their own conclusions.

I can confidently promise that their attitude to power generation will be either completely revised or at the very least will give them pause for serious thought.

As to wind generators, anybody with even half a brain would agree with the comments by Mr and Mrs Hague.

They don’t work without wind and they can’t work with too much wind.

That, combined with their continued upkeep, maintenance and replacement as they wear out or become obsolete, probably make them the most inefficient and costly means of generating a consistent and reliable supply of electricity ever conceived.

I am convinced that the whole wind turbine fallacy is being promoted by vested interests in the wind generator construction industry, which is literally making millions from conning the public into believing in the efficiency of the system.

Tom Day

Castleross Road

Pevensey Bay