‘A bad world for animals’

REGARDING Liz Gregory’s letter about foxes and that they should be dealt with like any other infestation. Well, I tend to disagree.

Surely the main reason these animals are now found more in urban areas is because their natural habitat is being taken away/destroyed in the name of ‘progress’.

Whoever thought in the first place that a fox was a ‘cuddly gentle animal’?

These are wild creatures who are being pushed out of their natural environment through no choice of their own.

Wouldn’t you move on if you were being pushed out?

At the same time I am not saying this justifies killing pets; of course not, but what with fox hunting (how can this possibly be called a ‘sport’in any person’s definition of the context?) and natural habitats being destroyed, there will be increases in not just foxes, but other traditionally recognised rural type animals too.

I really feel we should try to get away from just looking at destroying anything that gets in our way, that’s all.

It seems anything smarter than man is called vermin and as the famous author Richard Adams wrote in his book The Plague Dogs; ‘It’s a bad world for animals’.

Spencer Freeman

Blackwater Road