20mph speed limit is not the answer

Re: the proposed 20 MPH. Are we being controlled by aliens? Who are these people who believe that by posting of signs indicating that you must not travel in your car at more than 20 MPH these signs will be obeyed?

The 30 MPH has been in existence since the 1920s and was, until the last 20 years, generally accepted as law with the majority of drivers keeping a check on their speed.

What has happened over the last many years is that when drivers see a clear portion of road in front they travel at what speed they think is acceptable, never mind road signs.

During their driving lessons and subsequent tests there is obviously no or very little attention given to speed control, the results being that something like 70% or 80% of drivers completely ignore the law of the road.

The position is so bad on the roads in this respect that as the people who are responsible (the police) cannot maintain the law, then a separate force will have to be set up.

Similar to that in some small towns and villages where local people are using portable radar testers themselves. Trying to control the situations by imposing a 20 MPH is not the answer to this serious flaunting of the law.

In the recent past there have been attempts made by television illustrating that by driving at 30mph, accidents are far less serious and fewer in number.

Please can we have a little more intelligence applied to this very serious but easily solved problem. Reclaim the 30mph where appropriate for the sake of everyone - drivers - pedestrians alike.