Youngsters face to face with fear factor

Getting to grips with a spider
Getting to grips with a spider

A GROUP of young people had the chance to conquer their fears of reptiles and creepy-crawlies!

The Square Youth Café hosted another evening of fun for about 25 young people in Hailsham, who welcomed a collection of snakes, lizards and other reptiles including a snapper turtle, brought along by Hailsham-based Fish & Fins Ltd.

Among the other creatures were tarantulas, scorpions and a variety of insects lower down the food chain including crickets.

Fish & Fins Ltd gave an interesting talk on where all the animals came from and, for those brave enough, how to keep them as pets.

Youth project coordinator Andy Joyes said, “A lot of people suffer from phobias to specific creatures such as snakes, lizards, spiders or insects.

“The Fear Factor Night held last Monday enabled young people to come along and face their fears and meet and greet some of these creepy crawlies!

“I’d like to thank Fish & Fins Ltd for their assistance and look forward to asking Barry and his ‘pets’ back to The Square Youth Café again in the future.

“We were all incredibly excited about the Fear Factor Night. The young people had a blast, and many other events organised by The Square during the summer holiday – details of which will be posted at - will be just as exciting.”

The Square Youth Café, managed and funded by Hailsham Town Council, is free to enter for anyone between the ages of 11 and 17, and provides a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment.

For more information on the Square Youth Café’s scheduled summer activities contact Andy Joyes on (01323) 841702 or email