A YOUNG man committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in Hampden Park, an inquest heard.

Luke Pettitt, 21, of Chelworth Road, hanged himself using white electrical flex hours after having a row with his mother.

His body was found by a woman walking her dog in the park.

The inquest heard how Luke had a history of behavioural problems and had twice before tried to kill himself by taking an overdose.

Luke's mother, Teresa Brown, said her son had got drunk the night before he died. She said the pair had a row during the course of the evening and Luke left the house at around 1am.

He came back soon after and smashed one of the windows of her house before disappearing again.

His mother called the police, who agreed to look for him and take him in if they found him.

But at around 7.30am, Dora Phelps was walking her dogs in Hampden Park when she saw what she thought was a young man standing under a tree.

She told the inquest that her dogs pulled her towards the male. But when she got to about 20 yards from the tree she realised he was hanging by a rope from an overhead branch.

She said she waved down a passing car for assistance and also called the emergency services. But Luke was already dead by the time paramedics arrived.

The hearing heard how Luke had twice taken a drugs overdose in the three years before his death and had been prescribed Prozac for depression in January 2002.

But speaking just after his death, in November last year, Mrs Brown described Luke as a 'devoted son' and said he was feeling positive after landing a new job.

'He was so loving towards his family and a good friend,' she said.

Coroner Alan Craze said, 'He needed help but if he got it he would not take it. No other person was involved in this lad's unfortunate death.'

Verdict: Suicide.