You can help to name baby gibbon

Tali with the young male gibbon
Tali with the young male gibbon

ONE MUM at Drusillas is hoping to have a well-earned rest this Mother’s Day after delivering a very special baby bundle.

Tali is a lar gibbon, which is an endangered ape native throughout south-east Asia.

During the early years, gibbon babies remain dependent on their mothers for both warmth and food. Females work extremely hard, rearing their offspring single-handedly while their male companions protect the group and territory.

For the last three months, Tali has carried and nurtured her male infant both day and night relentlessly. He will be nursed for up to two years and will not reach full maturity until the age of eight. 

Head keeper Mark Kenward said, “Tali was born to be a mother; she seems to thrive when she has a baby to take care of.

“On windy days she will find a place within her enclosure to keep the baby away from the breeze as well as teaching him everything he will need to know for life in the treetops.

“She is extremely protective and never lets him out of her sight, which is proving harder to do now that he has started to venture a little further.”

The team at the Alfriston zoo will ensure she gets lots of favourite treats on Mother’s Day but in the meantime are asking people to help them name her precious bundle.

There are three names on a shortlist.

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