Yoga classes to improve health

Jane Montague with members of her Eastbourne yoga class
Jane Montague with members of her Eastbourne yoga class

YOGA is not just for the naturally fit and supple, as special classes in Eastbourne and Seaford are demonstrating.

The gentle exercise is enjoyed by growing numbers of people with disabilities and limited mobility, under the direction of Eastbourne tutor Jane Montague.

Jane runs the classes for the Eastbourne and South Wealden branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society at the branch centre in St Leonards Road, Eastbourne, and St Peter’s Church Hall, Seaford, but they are open to all who feel they may benefit.

The classes are designed for those who find it easier to work from a chair - people with restricted mobility and/or chronic health - but are also open to those purely interested in exercising at a gentler pace.

Classes have run successfully in Eastbourne for nearly 11 years and are popular with those managing asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as MS. The typical class starts with some moments of reflection, with the focus on setting up a breathing pattern with a deeper but comfortable rhythm.

Gentle exercises follow which are designed to release tension, softening and mobilising all the major joints in the body.

The class ends with a return to some more breathing practice to clear the mind and invigorate the body.

Class leader Jane Montague has a nursing background and has been registered and insured as a physical therapist and holistic counsellor for 20 years and supports students through physical and mental challenges.

If you are interested in trying a class, either at the MS Society Day Centre in Eastbourne, or at St Peter’s Church Hall, Seaford, call Jane on 728264 or Classes take place in Eastbourne on Mondays and in Seaford on Thursdays.