Yacht runs aground at Sovereign Harbour

Eastbourne lifeboat crew was called out last night (Tuesday, February 26) to help a yacht which had run aground just outside Sovereign Harbour.

Volunteer lifeboat crew members had just settled down to a machinery training course when at 6.30pm the pagers went off with a request to launch from Dover Coastguard.

A 39ft yacht with three people on board had misjudged the entrance channel and run aground in an exceptionally low tide.

On scene within a few minutes, the all-weather lifeboat (ALB) came alongside and transferred station mechanic Dan Guy onto the casualty vessel.

A towline was rigged but the yacht was too firmly aground to pull off immediately without damaging the vessel. Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) was asked to help at 6.48pm. When the tide had risen sufficiently the yacht was pulled into deeper water where it was checked for damage.

Another crewman was put aboard the casualty vessel from the ILB which stood by whilst the ALB checked the depth of the harbour entrance.

When it was deemed safe to proceed, the casualty was escorted into the safety of the marina locks.