Writing group makes use of social networks

A WRITING group is taking a novel approach to helping would-be authors get published.

Members of Anderida Writers will take to social networking websites and use good old fashioned word of mouth to help market new works by local authors.

And, as chairman Tony Flood explained, they are hoping it will be a case of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’.

Mr Flood, himself a published author, said, “Our members have agreed to help fellow members who become published authors with the marketing of their books. This will be done by giving details of the books to friends and contacts via emails, Facebook and Twitter.

“In return, these authors will be asked to donate a copy of their books to a new Anderida Lending Library, which is to be run by Liz Wright and Francis Wait so that members can borrow them.

“The library will also stock books giving advice to writers and other relevant subjects. Liz and our vice chairman Jenny Jewiss have already donated 15 books between them on writing tips.

“Jenny and Liz have suggested that those borrowing a book may like to pay a small fee of 25p to the club. Those who borrow books written by fellow Anderida members will hopefully enjoy them sufficiently to recommend them to others.

“Anderida members may be able to increase awareness of publications to such an extent that sales double or even treble.”

Two of the group’s members are about to be published. Francis Wait has almost completed his new book, The Survivalists, nd Mike Fleming has won the Chelmsford Festival Short Story Competition with his entry, Benchmarks, which he intends to include in a collection of stories he hopes to publish later this year.

Anderida Writers meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Eastbourne Seniors Club in Cornfield Lane off South Street. Guests are welcome. For more details call Mr Flood on 471726 or email tflood04@yahoo.co.uk.