Work to start soon at dangerous hotspot

Langney Rise/Hide Hollow roundabout December 3rd 2012 E49158N
Langney Rise/Hide Hollow roundabout December 3rd 2012 E49158N

Motorcyclists say their concerns about a potential accident blackspot have been ignored by roads bosses.

They have complained to East Sussex County Council about the mini roundabout at the junction of Langney Rise with Hide Hollow and Willingdon Drove and say it is major hazard.

This week the county council said it would begin repairs and hoped it would be before Christmas.

Motorcyclist Gary Lambert said, “This roundabout has been reported through the council website in October and November but no response and certainly no repair.

“No matter what speed or position you approach the poorly conditioned and badly rutted road, a motorcycle’s balance is significantly affected when crossing this, and due to the nature of it, you have no choice to cross it.

“I can only liken the feeling to that of riding off a kerb.

“Every day this particular roundabout makes me unsure and unsafe as a I expressed it is only a matter of time before somebody does have an accident.”

Mr Lambert, of Boswell Walk, says the dangerous condition of the road may not affect car drivers but is lethal to motorcyclists.

He has also written to Eastbourne Borough Council leader David Tutt and Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd.

David Tutt said, “I share Mr Lambert’s concerns and have written to the director of highways at East Sussex to express my concern that residents are being ignored and ask him both what he is planning to do in response to Mr Lambert’s request and also to ensure that responses are given to people in future.

“I have been chasing action on many issues and had to escalate a number of these to highways director Rupert Clubb several weeks ago as despite visiting sites with the highways steward back in May and chasing progress, most had not been actioned.

“My greater concern is that whilst this poor state of repair exists now the county is planning to make a £2,100,000 cut to the preventative maintenance/reactive maintenance budget in 2014.”

Stephen Lloyd said, “I receive a great deal of casework from constituents over the state of our roads, be it potholes or general disrepair.

“More recently, I’m a bit nonplussed a to why they’ve chosen to do a load of work on the town centre.

“Just at the beginning of the retailers crucial season. It doesn’t seem to make sense.”

The county council’s lead member for transport Councillor Carl Maynard said, “I would like to thank Mr Lambert for reporting his concerns about roads to us.

“We have taken his report seriously and our highway steward has been out to visit the site.

“As a result we could see we would need to close the road to make repairs, and this takes some planning to minimise disruption to road users.

“We closed the road and carried out repairs on Wednesday this week.

“We have also been out to inspect the condition of the roads in the area and can see there is need for repair work here too.”