Woman said sorry to chaplain before jumping from Beachy Head

A YOUNG woman apologised to Beachy Head chaplains before jumping off the cliff-top and plunging to her death.

Caris Abrahams, a 21-year-old from London, was found yards from the edge of the notorious suicide spot back on April 13 but, despite the best efforts of both police officers and volunteer chaplains, she jumped.

An inquest into her death on Thursday heard how the gardener had gone missing after telling her mum she was going for a walk and that patrolling volunteers at Beachy Head stumbled across her after finding an empty car nearby with a suicide note on the front seat.

That car turned out not to be Miss Abrahams’s, but concerned chaplains tried their best to talk her down from the cliff edge.

One of those chaplains, Mark Pyebass, revealed in a statement to police, “As I approached she stood and raised her arm as if to keep me away and shouted ‘keep back’.

“I tried to communicate with her but she was not responding.”

A colleague then asked Miss Abrahams to at least tell them her name, to which Mr Pyebass said she responded, “My name is Caris as in Paris, but with a C and I am from London.

“I am sorry you had to be on duty.”

He then recalled how she took two steps closer to the edge and then leaped off.

In an unusual step, East Sussex coroner Alan Craze decided not to call any witnesses, instead reading from statements given to the court.

Mr Craze, recording a verdict of suicide, said, “There is not doubt as to her intention.”