Woman’s suicide mystery

AN EASTBOURNE woman with no history of depression took her own life amid worries about her home and the death of family pet.

Linda Steel, 54, from Moy Avenue, hanged herself in the loft of her house on June 7 last year.

On Thursday (December 16) an inquest was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court.

Coroner Alan Craze told the court she had taken some paracetamol and had drunk a small amount of alcohol but not enough to cause intoxication.

She also left a note to her husband Derek Cater explaining why she had taken her life.

The inquest identified two problems which contributed to her death: the loss of a cat and on-going problems with her house.

The court heard that two days before her death she had stayed out until dawn but her husband said later in the day she had seemed fine.

Mr Craze said, “She intended to take her life and had prepared for it and had gone ahead with it.

“This is a complete tragedy. She hadn’t demonstrated mental illness before, she hadn’t shown depression and hadn’t been treated or hadn’t gone to see a GP.

“I don’t believe anyone could have anticipated what happened that day.”

He recorded a verdict that she took her own life whilst the balance of her mind was disturbed.