Woman’s efforts to find hero

Jasmine Jones SUS-140923-142410001
Jasmine Jones SUS-140923-142410001

An Eastbourne woman is appealing for help to find a man who saved her life when she was just nine years old.

Jasmine Jones was swimming in the sea, near to the Wish Tower, when the undercurrent took a hold of her and started pulling her under the surface.

A terrified child at the time, Jasmine began screaming for help and tried clinging on to the groin but the tide was too strong for her to be able to hold on for long.

Now, 14 years later, Jasmine is hoping to find the gentleman who ran into the sea to pull her to safety so she can thank him in person.

She said, “I got into trouble in the sea near the Wish Tower in Eastbourne. The undercurrent sucked me under. I was screaming for help as I was drowning - I had given up.

“I could feel myself getting weaker and all I remember is a man jumping in and rescuing me as I got further out to sea.

“As he jumped in, he shattered his kneecap on the groin. He had a son with him that day and after all the commotion, we took his son home while he was rushed to hospital.”

Jasmine was spending the day at the beach with her friend and their mum and although she thanked the man at the time, she wishes to reiterate her gratitude now she’s older.

The 23-year-old said, “I’m pretty sure he won some sort of award for his bravery, or was nominated at least, but I wanted to contact him because i have always wanted to thank him personally.

“Although I am now scared to go in deep water, it’s thanks to him that I’m even here at all. All I have of him is just a memory and I want to put a face to his name. I’ve thought about him so many times since that day and I’m eternally grateful.”

Although her memory is hazy, Jasmine thinks the incident happened around July time and that he was a white male in his early 40s. What she is sure of is that his name was Lawrence and he worked for East Sussex County Council.

She said, “I am totally over whelmed with the response and encouragement from everyone to find him. So many people have been supportive and given me the boost to find him. I would love for him to contact me so I can thank him properly.”