Woman’s collection for pier praised by Eastbourne MP


Deaf-blind Jasmine Richards didn’t let her disability get in the way of giving a helping hand after the devastating pier fire in July.

MP for Eastbourne Stephen Lloyd heard of Jasmine’s hard work, when her mum Sheila attended one of his constituency meetings - on the pier.

Mr Lloyd said, “Everyone said how proud they were at the way Eastbourne responded to the fire on our beloved pier.

“My favourite, though, was from Mrs Richards from Willingdon who told me how her daughter Jasmine had responded to the devastating news. Like the rest of our town she rolled up her sleeves and got to work.”

Mrs Richards added, “It was good to see Stephen and thank him for all the help he has given my daughter Jasmine over her disability.

“I also really wanted to tell him about how much Jasmine had been affected by the fire.

“She was really upset at first and then said that the family should all start collecting coins so we could make a contribution and like the rest of Eastbourne rally around to help the Pier Benevolent Fund.

“Considering Jasmine is deaf-blind and has learning difficulties you can just imagine how proud we were of her determination.

“Eventually we collected and donated over £30 in coins which was handed to the Benevolent Fund.

“Jasmine now feels she really does own part of the pier, I think that’s just wonderful and I believe it’s exactly what all of Eastbourne feels!”