Woman died from overdose

A MOTHER-of-two died at home after an accidental drugs overdose, and inquest heard.

Carole Petherwick, 49, of Croxden Way, was found by her partner Sion Morton in her bedroom on July 9 last year.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Miss Petherwick, who had asthma, died because she overdosed on methadone and diazepam.

Mr Morton said the former croupier had no suicidal thoughts and added her death had come as a shock to him.

He said, "We had been in a relationship for 25 years but were planning to separate.

"There had always been evidence of depression and severe alcohol usage. She used heroin but not enough to be an addict. She also took cannabis.

"She abused her anti-depressants, some of which were very powerful."

Mr Morton said his partner had in the past attempted suicide and he put it down to 'attention seeking'.

He said Miss Petherwick was looking forward to moving on with her life.

Mr Morton said, "The day before we had taken on a puppy dog which she was pleased about.

"Later in the afternoon she retired to her bedroom. I spoke to her later that evening and she was okay and sitting up in bed rolling a cigarette.

"She was also in the process of finding alternative accommodation and on numerous occasions we talked about this.

"She was adamant that she wanted to leave."

When Miss Petherwick was found dead the next day Mr Morton found two empty vodka bottles hidden under clothing and a bottle of cider under her pillow.

He said, "Carole did have a habit of getting totally stoned and sleeping it off.

"I think this was a heavy drug usage which went too far on this particular day. If it had been suicide I think she would have made it obvious."

Dawn Summers, care co-ordinator for the substance misuse service at Avenida Lodge in Upper Avenue, said Miss Petherwick had a history of misusing drugs since the age of 18.

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of accidental death due to dependence on drugs.