Woman cut free after car accident

One of the cars after the collision in Carlisle Road
One of the cars after the collision in Carlisle Road

An elderly woman was cut out of her car after a collision on the junction between Carlisle Road and Granville Road.

Firefighters, police and the ambulance service were called to the scene following the two-car crash which happened just before 11am.

One woman was trapped in her car, and it took firefighters more than an hour to get the passenger out of the vehicle as she had suffered an arm injury.

Her husband said she was taken to Conquest Hospital by ambulance, and he was also going to A&E as a precautionary measure. The driver of the second car was uninjured.

Barry Taylor, county councillor for Meads, was at the scene, and said the council was working on safety measures to prevent accidents on the road.

“I have been trying to urge East Sussex County Council to work on more safety measures on the junctions,” he said. “There is work going ahead at the present moment to improve the safety of the junctions. We do need to increase the double yellow lines around the junctions to make it easier for people to look left and right,” he said.

He added the road was a priority for the council, as there had been a number of crashes. There was an accident at the same junction in November, where a cyclist was badly injured.