Woman attacked in road rage incident

Sutton Croft Lane, Seaford January 18th 2013 E04016P
Sutton Croft Lane, Seaford January 18th 2013 E04016P

Police are investigating a road rage incident in Seaford, which saw a woman assaulted by a motorist.

The lady was walking with her husband and son in Sutton Croft Lane when a vehicle came very close to them and the trio had to jump out of the way.

The man and his son slammed on the bonnet of the Volkswagen vehicle following the near miss and the motorist then stopped and confronted the pair.

Police said the woman started to write down the registration of the car at which point the driver approached her and gave her a push.

He also tried to snatch the piece of paper from her.

The driver was also reported as being verbally abusive to the husband and son during the incident which took place in the narrow road at around 12.40pm on Sunday December 30.

The matter was reported to police on the same day.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Acting Seaford Sergeant Chris Wright said the trio could have ended up seriously injured and added, “Fortunately incidents of this nature in Seaford are rare.

“Police are investigating it as an assault.

“Once identified we intend to question the driver of the vehicle both in relation to the manner of his driving along what is a very narrow lane, and also an allegation that he assaulted a female in what was an entirely unprovoked attack.

“The incident left three members of the same family extremely shaken and upset by the level of aggression shown by the male.

“Had they not taken measures to squeeze themselves against the wall as the vehicle passed they may well have been seriously injured.

“The driver’s actions are simply unbelievable and deplorable.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone with information should contact police on 101 or they contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.