Woman, 36, died after a long history of drug use

Faygate Road, Hampden Park
Faygate Road, Hampden Park

A 36-year-old woman who died at her home address after taking heroin was dependant on drugs, an inquest has heard.

Catherine Dawson, of Faygate Road, was found dead in her bed by her friend on October 17. An inquest into Ms Dawson’s death was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court by Alan Craze on Thursday (April 30).

Donna Gilmore, who had been friends with Ms Dawson for around 15 years, gave evidence at the inquest.

She told the coroner Ms Dawson was a drug user and often smoked crack cocaine and took pills.

She said Ms Dawson had been smoking heroin the night before her death.

Ms Gilmore said, “By the end of the night, she was really off her head and I said to her, ‘go to bed and sleep it off’.

“She fell asleep on her back on the bed like she has done loads of times before and I covered her over because I didn’t want her to get cold.”

The next day Ms Gilmore went to check on her friend and found her dead. She called the police.

Toxicology tests found Ms Dawson had heroin and a number of other substances in her system.

Mr Craze recorded a verdict of death from dependance on drugs.