Why Seaford is one of the most peaceful places in the world

Seaford has been given a boost after being revealed as one of the most peaceful places around the globe.

The seaside town made it into the top 10 places to go to get away from it all in the world.

From beautiful beaches to glorious meadows and mountainsides, TripAdvisor has revealed its top 10 and Seaford has ranked fifth. The information was gathered from TripAdvisor’s 75 million reviews and opinions. The rolling hills of the South Downs as the town’s backdrop has helped Seaford to make its way on to the list.

Emma Shaw, TripAdvisor spokesperson, said, “Everyone has their own idea of what makes the ideal place to relax and reflect and it’s fantastic to see the UK town of Seaford recognised among such beautiful destinations across the globe.”

The rector, Rev Canon Dr Andrew Mayes, of St Peter’s Church in Seaford, said the town had developed as a ‘gentle resort’. A special CD of silence was recently recorded in the church.

He said, “We got a sense of the peacefulness of the town when we made a recording, for our recent Open Day, of the ‘sound of silence’ in St Peter’s Church.

“It’s one of those deep silences that almost rings in the ears. The church is open from 9am-5pm to let people rediscover stillness and quietude in this ancient sacred space. It helps people reconnect with themselves. There’s something rejuvenating and healing about that kind of peacefulness - perhaps why Seaford developed as a gentle resort in the first place?”