Who will get your vote at the polls?

Who will wield the power at Eastbourne Town Hall once the votes are in?
Who will wield the power at Eastbourne Town Hall once the votes are in?

THE COUNTDOWN to the Eastbourne Borough Council elections has begun.

On Thursday May 5 residents will go to the polls to elect 27 councillors to sit on the borough council at the Town Hall.

There are 94 candidates from the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and UK Independence parties vying for seats in nine wards across the town.

Three councillors will be elected in each of the nine wards – Devonshire, Hampden Park, Langney, Meads, Old Town, Ratton, St Anthony’s, Sovereign and Upperton.

At present the Liberal Democrats have the majority at Eastbourne Borough Council after a landslide victory in May 2007, when the Conservatives lost control of the council and key seats.

There are currently seven Conservative councillors and 19 Liberal Democrats.

This year, a number of long-serving councillors are stepping down.

They include Conservatives Barbara Goodall and Graham Marsden, who are retiring from Ratton and Upperton wards respectively.

Liberal Democrat stalwarts Mary Pooley and Olive Woodhall, in Hampden Park, are also stepping down, as are a number of their party colleagues who were elected in 2007.

They include Old Town councillors Greg Szanto, a previous mayor, and Andrew Goodwin, Langney councillor Dan Purchase, Sovereign Liberal Democrats Michael Bloom and Susan Tarrant and Upperton councillor and chair of planning Rebecca Madell.

As campaigning gets underway, the crucial seats are seen as Sovereign and Old Town.

Both were taken from the Conservatives by the Liberal Democrats at the last election, in 2007.

Other key seats are in Upperton, where two Conservative seats were lost, and Hampden Park, which has been Liberal Democrat for some years but is now wide open.

Ratton and Meads are traditionally Conservative safe seats while Langney, Devonshire and St Anthony’s are regarded as Liberal Democrat strongholds.

The full list of candidates is below.

• See the Friday, April 15 edition of the Eastbourne Herald for full details of the candidates.



Key:- C: Conservative, L: Labour; LD: Liberal Democrat; G: Green; UKIP: UK Independence Party; I: Independent.

DEVONSHIRE: Sandra Elkin, Margaret Parker, Grant Sanders (C); Bill Palethorpe, Linda Jane Wintle (G); Keith Gell (I); Steven Clark, Richard Goude, Jean Winstone (L); Margaret Bannister, Neil Stanley, Steve Wallis (LD).

HAMPDEN PARK: Caroline Ansell, Sam Chapman, Kate Glover (C); Leslie Dalton, Ivor Hueting, Rob Sier (G); Dave Brinson, Jake Lambert, Gerry Stonestreet (L); Pat Hearn, Jim Murray, Mike Thompson (LD).

LANGNEY: Tony Freebody, John Glover, Jan Jenkins (C); Christine Quarrington (G); Lee Comfort, Sean Meekings, Roy Noble (L); Harun Miah, Alan Shuttleworth, Troy Tester (LD).

MEADS: David Elkin, Nigel Goodyear, Barry Taylor (C); Harry Boys, Dorothy Forsyth (G); Jean Couture, Manek Jaffer, Dennis Scard (L); Tom Banner, Jean Fisher, Margaret Ticehurst (LD); Ian Cameron (UKIP).

OLD TOWN: Anne Angel, Vivienne De Havilland-Geraghty, Danielle Perry (C); Pippa Oliphant (G); Helen Key, Paul Richards, Sarah Richards (L); Janet Coles, Carolyn Heaps, John Ungar (LD).

RATTON: Colin Belsey, Sandie Howlett, Colin Murdoch (C); Nancy Dalton (G); Christopher Hall, James Nolan, Helen Sedgwick (L); Linda Beckmann, Roger Howarth, Barbara Rodohan (LD).

ST ANTHONY’S: Nick Ansell, Robert Borland, Simon Herbert (C); Hugh Norris (G); Ian Culshaw, Jackie Ferguson, David Salmon (L); Jon Harris, Gill Mattock, David Tutt.

SOVEREIGN: Philip Ede, Gordon Jenkins, Patrick Warner (C); Jocelyn McCarthy (G); Sharon Wentworth (L); Stephen Holt, Grace Loseby, Margaret Salsbury (LD).

UPPERTON: Alun Cooke, Tom Liddiard, Annabelle Valerie West (C); Kenneth Webb (G); Margaret Barr, Lucette Davies, Elizabeth Goude (L); Alex Hough, Hilary Lewis, Pat Rodohan (LD).