What is sport of powerlifting?

dean piggot trampolining powerlifting champion
dean piggot trampolining powerlifting champion

Meet Hailsham trampolinist Dean, who has just been crowned power-lifting champion.

Dean has always been a keen sports man and had been a keen trampolinist for eight years. In this time he had been a National British Schools Champion four times and qualified to jump at The British National Championships at a Nat C level.

About three years ago Dean was advised to start a beginner strength programme by a competitive powerlifter and after changing his eating habits and putting is some hard training he competed in his first competition. He was still only 17 so he took a year out of strict strength training, but eventually found himself at ‘performance fitness’ and is now being trained by two international level power lifters who have held (and still do hold) federation world records.

Dean has been training four times a week at the gym in Eastbourne, three days focusing on main lifts and supporting exercises and on the fourth day training body parts which aren’t included in previous training.

Power lifting is split into strict age and weight categories and Dean is in the under 75 kg age 18 to 19 years.

Achievements this year:

• First in Class BPC South East Championships. • First in Class BPC Raw British Final. • First in Class WPC Grand Prix and BPU British Raw.

It was at the last event he qualified for this year’s annual World Championships which was held in Prague, Czech Republic in October. Dean was again triumphant with first in class- World Champion- at the WPC World Championships. Dean wants to continue to improve and his future plans include breaking ten British Records whilst still in the teenage age section, to qualify for the Europeans and worlds in 2014 in the two main federations and hopefully, but more importantly in the WPC Europeans in June, challenge some European and world records