What a waste! Recycling bins just can’t cope

Overflowing bins at Polegate recycling site
Overflowing bins at Polegate recycling site

AROUND 20 per cent of recyclable waste left at a Polegate site over Christmas will end up in landfill, the council has admitted.

The recycling bins at Polegate’s Neighbourhood Recycling Point on Windsor Way were left piled high with bottles, tins and papers after collections were interrupted by the cold weather.

One Polegate resident was appalled after visiting the recycling point on January 4.

He said, “I spoke to the Wealden recycling department yesterday and they said the extra stuff would probably end up in landfill because the public isn’t separating it out.

“It is all recyclable glass, plastic and tins. It hadn’t been emptied before Christmas because of the snow,” he added.

According to Wealden District Council, around 80 per cent of the material left on at the site was recycled.

However, items which could not easily be separated, including broken glass, will end up in land fill.

“Weekly collections from the Neighbourhood Recycling Points were interrupted by the severe winter weather just before Christmas which, together with the increased use over the festive period, has led to an overload at Windsor Way,” said a Wealden spokesman.

“Where recyclables have been sorted and left in separate bags, we are usually able to recycle them.

“With the introduction of kerb side recycling to all Wealden households we are currently recycling some 43 per cent of the waste produced in the district,” he added.