Well-loved Eastbourne shop to close its doors after 30 years

Sylvia's Chest of Drawers in Seaside
Sylvia's Chest of Drawers in Seaside

A popular town centre shop is set to close its doors after more than 30 years of trade.

Sylvia White, of Sylvia’s Chest of Drawers in Seaside, says times are changing.

She said, “It’s quite sad really but I think it’s time. It’s not as busy as it used to be. Although I still have quite a few nice customers.

“I thought maybe I should pack up now while I can still do things and enjoy life, see my grandchildren more. Get the garden looking nice.

“And my little dog will get longer walks.”

The 75-year-old, who has a clutch of grandchildren and great grandchildren, said, “A lot of people have said ‘you can’t close, what are we going to do?’ But people aren’t coming in often enough to help pay the bills.

“I shall miss it, it’s quite sad really but one of those things.

“I have had some loyal customers over the years, they still come in now and even the holiday makers. It’s been lovely because they came back and see me when they come back on their holidays or send me cards.

“I’m lucky to have kept going all this time. All the customers over the years, thanks to them all bless them.

“I have had lovely ladies in, some come in and just have a chat.”

“It’s been lovely, it’s been wonderful, but I’m afraid it can’t go on forever.”

The lingerie and nightwear shop, which has been open for around 33 years, will close at the end of April.