A WELL-KNOWN Eastbourne man, who made cakes for the rich and famous, has died from liver cancer.

Alex Bransgrove, who lived at Highland Lodge in Carew Road, passed away aged 91.

He was originally from London and came to Eastbourne in 1944 during the Second World War.

Alex had to come to the town because it needed more bread bakers.

He initially worked at the Scotch Bakery.

In the 1950s Alex started working for Bondolfi's, a Swiss bakery company, and spent 25 years there until he retired.

During this period Alex made the Queen Mother's 80th birthday cake and made the wedding cake for Ron Dennis, CBE, the McClaren Group chairman for Formula One racing.

He made it in the shape of Herstmonceux Castle.

Alex also featured in a TV advert promoting Cadbury's Aztec bar in the 1970s.

His life was featured in an article for Cakes and Sugar Craft magazine.

Alex also loved to paint and won a couple of awards for his pictures.

He played the flute for the Royal Sussex Regiment of the British Legion.

Alex had been a member of the Territorial Army when he came to Eastbourne in 1944.

His 67-year-old daughter Sylvia, of St Anne's Road, Willingdon, paid tribute to her father.

She said, 'He was a wonderful father and gave lots of people happiness.

'He has many relatives in Australia. There are around 200 Bransgroves.

'He had a wonderful life and was very gentle.

'I do not think he ever lost his temper as he was very patient.'

Alex, a regular letter-writer to the Gazette and Herald, was diagnosed with liver cancer just three weeks before he died last Monday.

Sylvia said, 'The staff at the DGH were so wonderful. We could not have asked for better treatment.

'They found us a room at the hospital where we could get some sleep.

'I will be sending a personal thank you card to them.'

Alex's funeral takes place on April 25 at All Souls Church in Wellesley Road.