Weird and wonderful craft beers on offer at Eastbourne’s all-new ‘beery emporium’

Gregor Mitchell at the opening of Bottle Grove (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Gregor Mitchell at the opening of Bottle Grove (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Craft beers you once couldn’t dream of getting your hands on in Eastbourne are now up for grabs in Grove Road.

‘Beery emporium’ Bottle Grove has stocked its shelves and fridges full of the weird and wonderful – from wild mushroom ale to cactus sour – and the micro pub is officially open for business.

Owner Gregor Mitchell, 30, has a background with Brewdog and has worked in the beer industry for years.

The dad of two runs the business with his partner Amelia Killen. He said, “It’s such an up and coming town, but there’s nothing like this here.

“Ninety-eight per cent of these beers you can’t find anywhere else in Eastbourne. They are all from independently-run breweries, small batch, some completely limited edition. So when they are finished they are finished.”

Bottle Grove is representing local businesses like Ascension Cider, Kiln Brewery, Cloak and Dagger and Brighton Bier.

But it also features beers from all over the world – from New Zealand and the US, to Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, and Denmark. They range from around two per cent alcohol to 12.5 per cent.

Gregor said, “We’ve had a lot of excited beer fans. There’s a lot of passion in that fridge!

“It’s a growing range, this is just a beginning ‘taste’. I want the range to not only grow but grow with my customers and what they prefer.”

The plan is to create a hub for the beer-loving community in town, by setting up a home brew club and running beer tasting sessions.

Gregor, who lives in Seaford with his family, explained he saw a lot of love for craft beer from Eastbourne residents on social media and wanted to bring everyone together. In his experience some people had been travelling to Brighton just to get their favourite craft beer.

Now they need not travel so far. Gregor said, “We are all about the flavour and enjoying it rather than indulging too much. It’s all about the ingredients.

“A lot of British malt goes into these. and a lot of new beers use hops so that tends to price it higher.”

The most expensive bottle in the café is a £28 American barrel-aged sour. “A lot of people will laugh at that,” says Gregor, “But it’s had a lot of work and love put into it.”

Bottle Grove is currently selling its beers for takeaway but aims to open as a ‘tap room’ to serve customers drinks and snacks – like baked goods and meat and cheese boards – on the premises from early March.

For more information visit its Facebook page @bottlegrove or visit the website here