Weekly waste guarantee

WEEKLY waste collections will continue in Eastbourne, despite the town entering in to a joint waste contract with its three other neighbouring local authorities.

Eastbourne Borough Council is joining forces with Wealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council and Rother District Council.

All four have signed up to a joint waste contract and they will appoint a private firm to take care of kerbside waste collection for all four local authorities.

The councils involved say the scheme is a cost-cutting measure.

Earlier this month, the Herald reported that Wealden District Council was considering plans to charge up to £40 a year to collect garden waste.

Hastings already has a charge for green waste and there were fears Rother and Eastbourne would follow suit as part of the joint scheme.

Hastings, Rother and Wealden also have fortnightly waste collections and there was also a concern that Eastbourne would lose its weekly collections to fit in with the others.

However, at a recent Eastbourne Borough Council cabinet meeting, members decided to keep a weekly collection service for household waste and retain the free garden waste collection service.

They also agreed to explore the possibility of a kerbside food waste collection service during the next stage of procurement.

The report, which was presented to Eastbourne Borough Council’s cabinet members, stated, “Eastbourne’s current waste and street sweeping service has a net cost of approximately £4.2 million and the service has a high satisfaction rate amongst the community.

“The final cost of the partnership contract will not be known until the final tender stage and this will be subject to a cost sharing agreement.

“However by working in partnership and increasing efficiency of the services, it is expected that savings are possible on the current price while also increasing service levels to the community.”

The report went on to explain the potential contractors were asked to identify the savings made if Eastbourne was changed from weekly collections to fortnightly collections.