Scorching weather? Fancying a dip to cool off? Keep OUT of Arlington reservoir

With the heat on, as tempting as it may seem to cool off in Arlington Reservoir, the message is to stay safe and keep out.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 3:57 pm
Arlington Reservoir SUS-150624-151209001

South East Water does not support free swimming in any of its reservoirs and repeatedly gives out warnings to people about the potential dangers associated with open water.

Chris Lunn, Head of Health, Safety and Quality at South East Water, said, “Reservoirs may seem like a good place to take a swim to cool down but they can contain hidden hazards that are not obvious from the bankside.

“Our advice is never to swim at any reservoir unless it is a part of an organised event where the risks are suitably low and emergency services are in place.”

Dangers to swimmers can include:

• An accumulation of silt on the bottom of the reservoir trapping feet

• Machinery and pipework hidden beneath the surface which can start without warning and generate currents

• Shelves or areas where the depth changes suddenly

• Submerged branches, plants or other hazards that can trap or entangle a swimmer

• Freezing temperature of water at any time of the year causing a strain on the heart and failure of co-ordination due to muscles tensing

• Blue-green algae in some reservoirs which are naturally occurring but toxic organisms that can cause serious illness to humans and animals. click here for more

For more information isit South East Water’s website at