Wealden Police factbox

“Over the last month I have had the opportunity to get out and about in Wealden.

“I have had a number of meetings with partners to assist us in continuing to positively shape Wealden District in the coming year.

“However it is extremely heartening to know that this is still one of the safest places to live in the country, with us continuing to see significant reductions in dwelling burglaries.

“We have seen a spate of car crime in Stone Cross recently.

“There have been thefts from a number of vehicles over two nights.

“The offenders have been breaking windows of cars and entering glove boxes and centre consoles to remove items of value.

“Some vehicles have also been left unlocked with items inside and on display.

“I would urge you not to leave items of value in your vehicle when left unattended.

“If you would like to speak with somebody regarding crime prevention advice please contact your local PCSO who will be more than happy to go through this with you.

“We have recently been promoting safe internet use across Wealden for children.

“More and younger people have easy access to the internet through computers, smart phones and tablets.

Social networking sites are extremely popular with teenagers.

“Chances are your children know more about the internet than you, which is why we need to ensure a measured approach to keeping our children safe online.

“There are many websites available that have good advice for parents and carers. Speak with your children and ask them:

“Do you really know everybody on your ‘friends’ list?

“Do you know how to use and set privacy and security settings? Can you show me how?

“Do you ever get messages from strangers? If so, how do you handle them?

“Do you know anyone who has made plans to meet someone offline that they’ve only ever spoken to online?

“Are people in your group of friends ever mean to each other, or to other people, online or on phones? If so, what do they say? Has anyone ever been mean to you? Would you tell me about it if they were?

“If you have any concerns then contact Sussex police on 101 for more advice.

“I recently met with the principle of Hailsham Community College, Phil Mathews and had an interesting conversation with regards to internet safety and the role they are playing in keeping pupils safe.

“I was also at the school to meet with four pupils who assisted in saving the life of an elderly gentleman in Eastbourne.

“These four pupils demonstrated excellent community responsibility and are a credit to their college.

“Finally I would just like to reiterate to everybody to report suspicious behaviour to us.

“You can call 101 or report it online by visiting www.sussex.police.uk