Wealden MP welcomes youth policy

WEALDEN MP Charles Hendry has welcomed a new plan to help young people have their say on Government policies.

Positive for Youth is a new Government strategy for young people and youth services which aims to ensure every local authority involves young people in decision-making.

It will see local authorities building stronger link with voluntary organisation and local business to develop opportunities for young people in local communities.

Companies such as O2, Starbucks and the Co-Operative are some of the names that are leading the way in innovative projects that are inspiring your people.

Wealden’s MP Charles Hendry said, “This is an encouraging step forward for the youth of today.

“Too often the views of young people are not heard in deciding on the services which are necessary.

“If we want young people to use the facilities created for them, then they must be involved in deciding what those facilities should be.

“I am constantly impressed by the young people I meet in our local community colleges and sixth form colleges; whilst of course, we must tackle issues of anti-social behaviour where it arises, we also need to focus more on what the overwhelming majority of young people are doing right and their achievements, and what they can do to help both locally and nationally.”