Wealden Election 2015: Who are the candidates in Wealden?

The candidates in Wealden are:

Nus Ghani - Conservative

Nus stood at the 2010 General Election in Birmingham Ladywood and has also been Deputy Chairman for the Brentford and Isleworth Conservatives Association.

She worked for the BBC World Service in conflict zones.

She has campaigned for better train services, broadband, importance of community hospitals and behalf on Wealden’s farming community.

Solomon Curtis - Labour

Solomon is the second youngest parliamentary candidate. He was born opposite the Houses of Parliament in St Thomas Hospital in London. He moved to Hastings at the age of two. He unofficially joined the Labour party at the age of 12 and served as a member of UK Youth Parliament in East Sussex between 2012 and 2014. He was elected to the British Youth Council in 2013 where he became responsible for the national Votes at 16 campaign.

Giles Goodall - Liberal Democrats

Giles was born and bred in Sussex. He has worked in politics, the civil service, the private sector and said he would use his experience to get a better deal for Wealden.

If elected he said his priorities would be protecting community hospitals, provide better GP services, provide a more realiable train service and campaign for more affordable homes.

Peter Griffiths - UKIP

Peter was born in Lewes and has lived in Wealden for more than 25 years. He is married with three children and was an airline pilot. He flew a freighter during the First Gulf War and ended his career running a fleet of 19 B747s. He is a Governor of a local college and was until recently a church warden.

Mark Smith - Green party

Mark J Smith, 52 years old, lives in Heathfield and resident in Wealden for over 20 years. An environmental activist, political analyst and Senior University Lecturer, he has worked in many developed and developing countries. His two children were brought up locally and he has close connections in Wealden. Mark is opposed to fracking in the Weald, standing up for communities defending livelihoods and local environments throughout his life.

There are 80,252 registered electors in Wealden - this is up from 76,537 five years ago.

13,000 postal results were received.

There were 252,000 ballot papers for parliamentary, district and parish votes.

More than 150 ballot boxes were transported from the polling stations in Wealden.