Wealden District polls

VOTERS in Wealden go to the polls next month to elect councillors to Wealden District Council.

All of the council’s 55 seats are up for grabs in 35 wards and those elected will remain as councillors for the next four years.

At present the council is controlled by the Conservative Party which has 33 councillors. There are 13 Liberal Democrat, three Independent Democrats, two Green Party and four Independent councillors.

Polling stations will be open for voting in both district and parish council until 10pm on Thursday, May 5, and the results will be announced after the count on Friday.

Listed below are the candidates hoping for election.

Alfriston (one seat): Steve Harms (C); Andy Watkins (LD)

Chiddingly and East Hoathly (one seat): Jonathan Banatvala (L); Barby Dashwood-Hall (C); Barbara Holbrook (LD)

East Dean (one seat): John Edrich (LD); Charles Peck (C)

Hailsham Central and North (two seats): Marc Benier (LD); Nicholas Collinson (C); Martin Corfe (L); Paul Holbrook (LD); Barry Marlowe (C)

Hailsham East (one seat): Anthony Bailey (L); Brian Cock (LD); Kevin Moore (English Democrat); Stuart Towner (C)

Hailsham South and West (three seats): Jo Bentley (C); Nigel Coltman (C); Jack Hulbert (I); Michelle Moore (L); Ann Maria Murrey (LD); Eddy Powell (LD); Geoff Rowe (I); Chriss Triandafyllou (C)

Hellingly (two seats): Kevin Balsdon (C); John Blake (LD); Peter Bucklitsch (C); Louise Orbell (L); David White (LD)

Herstmonceux (one seat): Laurence Keeley (I); Andy Long (C)

Pevensey and Westham (three): Dianne Dear (C); Lin McKeever (C); Bob Milton (L); Mike Pursglove (UKIP); Robert Slater (L); Bill Tooley (C)

Polegate North (two seats): Edward Board (C); John Harmer (I); Roy Martin (LD); Alex Mthobi (L); Joseph O’Riordan (I); Simon Popek (C); Oi Lin Shing (I); Hazel Thorn (LD)

Polegate South (one seat): Wendy Alexander (C); Chris Berry (LD); Bernie Goodwin (UKIP); Pete Sayers (Motorists Equity and Unity Party); Daniel Shing (I); Timothy Voyce (I)

Willingdon (three seats): Bonnie Beck (LD); Ronald Cussons (C); David Hancock (LD); Lauren Holt (LD); Susan Hunt (C); Ray Ingram (I); Douglas Murray (C); Raymond Shing (I); Stephen Shing (I)

ELECTIONS will also take place for parish councils in the district. Listed below are the candidates for each of the revelant wards.

Alfriston: Nicholas Beechey; Jen Dumelow; June Goodfield; Geoffrey Knights; Alan Leigh; Diane Meek; Diana Monteath-Wilson; Ray Savage

Arlington (No contest): Daniel Ayers; John Ballard; Paula Ertl; Michael Garner; Doreen Goodchild; Helen Proctor; Helen Wheeler

Berwick (No contest): Robert Clapson

Anne Howard; Beryl Smith; Gerald Tinsley

Chiddingly (No contest); Mike Goss; Ray Nice; Patrick O’Hare; Ray Strong; Ian Wardell

Cuckmere Valley, Litlington (No contest) Christine Ayers; Niholas Giles

Cuckmere Valley, Lullington (No contest) No candidates: Cuckmere Valley, Westdean (No contest) Tony De Angeli; Mark Lamb

East Dean and Friston (No contest): Tim Bryant; Richard Coomber; Rob Page; David Windsor

Hailsham, East Ward: Brian Cock (LD); Stella Henstock (C); Michael Ryan (C); Stuart Towner (C)

Hailsham, South and West: Jo Bentley (C); Jeff Bentley-Astor (C); Bryan Burchmore (HI); Maggie Burt (C); Nigel Coltman (C); Sharon Cottingham (LD); Bill Crittenden (HI); Crystal Fay (HI); Richard Grocock (C); Gillian Hulbert (HI); Jack Hulbert (HI); Ann Maria Murrey (LD); Eddy Powell (LD); John Puttick (HI); Geoff Rowe (HI); Mary Rowe (HI); Chriss Triandafyllou (C); Tony Williams (C)

Hailsham, Upper Horsebridge (No contest): John Blake (LD); Charlotte Collinson (C); Barbara Holbrook (LD); Mags Skinner (C)

Hailsham, Central and North: Marc Benier (LD) Bill Bentley (C); Nicholas Collinson (C); Jenny Cook (C); Paul Holbrook (LD); Carolyn Kempe (HI); Robin Kempe (HI); Barry Marlowe (C); Steve McAuliffe (C); Peter Reynolds (HI); Dawn Ryan (C); Shelly Towner (C); John Wright (HI)

Hellingly (No contest): Ann Blake

Alan Booth (I); Ronald Chatwin; Yvonne Chatwin; Barby Dashwood-Hall; Gillian Hesselgrave; William Hesselgrave; Frances Lulham; Brian Payne; Elizabeth West; David White; Frances Woolston.

Herstmonceux (No contest): Josephine Angear; John Armstrong; Sheila Charlton

Derek Creasey; Irene Eltringham-Willson; Ketill Game; Mick Goodsell; Bill Gower; Bryan Naish; Jonathan Tate; Kenneth Wheatley

Long Man, Folkington Ward (No contest) No candidates

Long Man, Milton Street Ward (No contest) Bryan Stevens; Jill Wills

Long Man, Wilmington Ward (No contest) Colin Humphrey; Andrew Little; John West; Lorna West

Pevensey: (No contest) Norman Beaney; Daniel Brookbank; Shirley Clark; Maurice Gilbert; John Grout; Robert Peasgood; Christine Pollard; Patricia Roud; Ann Smith; Terence Swales Polegate North Ward: Rosemary Battles (LD); Edward Board (C); Paul Carder (LD); Gerald Carter (PRA); Michael Clewett (PRA); Malcolm Cunningham (PRA); Hubert Gibbs (PRA); John Harmer (PRA); Roy Martin (LD); Alex Mthobi (L); Joseph O’Riordan (PRA); Hugh Parker (LD); Margaret Piper (PRA); Simon Popek (C); Stephen Shing (I); Hazel Thorn (LD)

Polegate, South Ward: Wendy Alexander (C); Chris Berry (LD); Abi Igladious (LD); Chris Pearson (L); Mark Pybus (PRA); Daniel Shing (Independent); Jill Voyce (PRA); Timothy Voyce (PRA)

Westham and Stone Cross: John Blaker; Theresa Bruce; Terry Comerford; Bev Gamer; Peter Marshall; Barbara Molog; Derk Molog; Michael Nash; Gill Parsons; Roger Perrin; Kenneth Saxby; Clifford Smith; Keith Sutherland; Bill Tooley

Willingdon and Jevington, Jevington Ward (No Contest); Josephine Carr (I)

Willingdon and Jevington, Lower Willingdon Ward (No Contest): Howard Coote (WRA); Linda Francis (WRA); Susan Hunt (C); Douglas Murray (C); Fran Pritchett (WRA); Raymond Shing (I); Stephen Shing (I); Colin Wood (WRA)

Willingdon and Jevington, Upper Willingdon Ward: Bonnie Beck (WRA); Ronald Cussons (C); Jacqueline Easterbrook (C); Caryl Ganley (WRA); Doreen Giller (C); Ray Ingram (I); Colin Laycock (WRA); John Martin (WRA); Les Moor (WRA); John Pritchett (WRA): Willingdon and Jevington, Watermill Ward (No Contest): Martin Cooper (WRA); Christina Lynn (WRA).

Key: (C) Conservative; (HI) Hailsham Independent; (I) Independent; (L) Labour; (LD) Liberal Democrat; (PRA) Polegate Residents’ Association; (WRA) Willingdon Residents’ Association