Water main off for essential works to build new pipeline

Water workers will working through the night tomorrow (Wednesday) to install a new pipeline in Wannock and Willingdon.

The existing water main, which runs along Eastbourne Road (A2270), will be switched off by South East Water at 10pm to connect the new pipeline up to the existing water network before residents awake. They aim to have the supply back at 4am. Construction will take place in the verge of Eastbourne Road between the junctions of Broad Road and Thurrock Close.

On July 24 the water company began installing a new 1.3 kilometre long pipeline through Wannock and Willingdon which, when complete, will mean the company can pump more water into Eastbourne as the population increases. The full pipeline should be installed by mid-February 2015.

Visit southeastwater.co.uk/wannock