Water firm backs Energy Saving Week in October

Reducing water usage is the aim of Energy Saving Week
Reducing water usage is the aim of Energy Saving Week

Just small changes to daily routine can make a big impact on how much water used – and can mean savings on water and energy bills too.

That’s the message from South East Water, ahead of Citizens Advice’s Big Energy Saving Week, which highlights ways consumers can reduce utility costs.

South East Water, which provides drinking water to 2.1 million customers including those in Eastbourne, actively promotes water efficiency and offers a range of help and advice on ways to cut water waste.

A spokesperson said, “On average in the south east, 165 litres of water is used per person each day. Most of this is used in the home for cooking, drinking, washing and toilet flushing. Running the tap when brushing teeth or washing dishes and rinsing vegetables uses a lot of water. Turning off the tap off until the water is needed during these tasks is a simple way not to waste water. Vegetables or dishes can be rinsed in a bowl and water re-used on the garden if it is does not have strong detergents in it. Dripping taps waste water over time.

“There’s more handy hints on saving water on our website www.southeastwater.co.uk/savewater and Big Energy Saving Week takes place until October 24.”